//All Your Bass
Still Belong to Us\\

//Invite Only **Limited Capacity**
//Private Warehouse Location in Central Mass to be emailed to ticket holders
//21+ (no exceptions, photo ID required)
//R.O.A.R. at the door
//Presales Available at: //https://allyourbass2.eventbrite.com

Robot Haus is BACK and going international,
We’re flying in SAMPLEJUNKIE from the UK for this BASS infused warehouse rave re-boot!
The bots are getting the system ready for the best in local and abroad representation of the UK sound.
With bass-bins and stacks from Hennessy Sound and next-level visualizations from local ocular-stunna V.Kash and Robot Haus, we’ll be sure to heat up those processors with some overwhelming I/O.
Check your firmware and update to system 1.4.0 and get ready for us to bring you to that wonky place you know and love.


\\ Samplejunkie\\ (U.K.)

\\ G Notorious\\ (MA)

\\ SHVA b2b /illikiwi\\ (MA)

\\ beatjunkie\\ (RI)

\\ Michael Manc\\ (RI)

\\ Andrew Kasi\\ (MA)

\\ Trippa\\ (MA)

\\ Chaos D\\ (NH)

////////\\\\///////\\\\Environmental Support

//Visuals provided by//\\ V Kash //

//Sound Provided by Hennessy Sound Design\\

//Photos by\\ //Firstname Lastname \\

//Merch Booth //Robot Haus shirts & vintage rave clothes & more\\

//Grilled Cheese Bar\\//gluten/soy/vegan/dairy free options available\\

//free water\\//hydrate\\

//Outdoor Smoking Area\\//flow friendly\\

//No Reentry\\ //All Night/No Exceptions\

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