About SoulChampion

SoulChampion was launched in 2000 by Geoff “G Notorious” White in Boston, MA, USA.  It’s original focus was giving exposure to the emerging 2-Step UK Garage scene in the local Boston area.  As the 2-Step sound spread across the country and the first wave of DJs and producers focusing on the sound expanded, the focus of SoulChampion grew to encompass those in other major cities and areas across the US and Canada.

As the hype ended and the pop chart attempting bandwagon jumpers moved on to other things the 2-Step sound began to wane and with issues in UK club land and the scene  evolved spawning Grime, the half-step Dubstep sound, and eventually UK Funky, SoulChampion continued to expand and follow the twists and turns of what is now broadly known as Bass Music.