Phi Bonacci – Bassline Business

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Drum & Bass: The Movement – The D&B Documentary

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DJ Overload – 92-93 UK Hardcore Breakbeat Mix – May 2nd 2020

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Better Run (G Notorious Substep Refix) – Smokey Bubblin’ B

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Keep it Garage – Live Stream

Watch live video from robothausradio on

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Keep it Garage – Fundraiser edition

keep it garage

Phibonaci has been hosting UK Garage Sale at The Keep in Lowell, MA now for over a year. Due to COVID19, The Keep was mandated to shut down bar and dining service. Many employees were laid off and have no source of income. As a new business, they are at risk of losing the past two years of hard work that has helped their establishment grow.
How does this relate to you? The folks at The Keep have welcomed the electronic music community into their business and have allowed me to host the only monthly UK garage night in the New England area. Their support has enabled me to consistently pay the DJs and myself and they have contributed to the efforts of building a larger UK garage community on this side of the pond. Also, they are really great people that own a classy business with amazing food, great whiskey and craft beers.

So what are we doing about it? Next weekend, April 10th – 12th, 2020, Phi and Robot Haus are live streaming garage DJs to raise money to help The Keep stay in business! Then we can all continue to have great food, drinks, people, and garage!

More info will be out soon with links for listening and donating.
Below is the link to the recent article describing the cause for this fundraiser.

<<<<<<<< LINEUP!!!!! >>>>>>>>>

9pm EST (2:00 GMT): STEPPO
10pm EST (3:00 GMT): KONVURT
12am EST (5:00 GMT): JOHN D
1am EST (6:00 GMT): DARKCIDE
2am EST (7:00 GMT): VAL DEE

12pm EST (17:00 GMT): SINHAUS
1pm EST (18:00 GMT): DJ FLACK
2pm EST (19:00 GMT): G NOTORIOUS
3pm EST (20:00 GMT): EASY J – UK
4pm EST (21:00 GMT): T BREAK – UK
5pm EST (22:00 GMT): FRANCESCO TA – UK
6pm EST (23:00 GMT): SEKT 87 – UK
8pm EST (1:00 GMT): TEOTEK – UK
11pm EST (4:00 GMT): NO MERCY
12am EST (5:00 GMT): SHVA
1am EST (6:00 GMT): ILLIKIWI
2am EST (7:00 GMT): SCALZ

Facebook Event

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A Lasting Impression – G Notorious

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G Notorious – Dubwise Selector

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Moog and Korg make synth apps free to help musicians stuck at home

Minimoog Model D and iKaossilator could help create a hit in your bedroom.

If you’re a musician (or fan) whose concerts got scrapped over coronavirus concerns, you’ll at least have more tools to produce music when you’re at home. To start, Moog has made its Minimoog Model D iOS synth app available for free. It wasn’t hugely expensive to start, but this could make it easy to recreate the first portable synth and slip some Kraftwerk- or Dr. Dre-inspired sounds into your latest track. Moog didn’t say how long the price change would last, but you might want to act quickly.

Not to be left out, Korg is doing the same for its Kaossilator apps, which normally cost close to $20. Android artists can grab the software for no charge until March 20th, 2020, while the iOS crowd has until March 31st to get iKaossilator. Either app makes the most sense if you’re more into looping audio and variety than strict technical realism, but that may be all you need to add some spice to a future hit.

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LoKi – Phuturistic Bluez Podcast Episode 17 by Phuturistic Bluez

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