Grime artist Stormzy has launched a scholarship for black students in a bid to tackle the chronic lack of diversity at the UK’s top universities

  • UK grime artist Stormzy has just announced the Stormzy Scholarship.
  • With the help of YouTube Music, he will fund two black students to go to Cambridge University this year, and two more in 2019.
  • There is a chronic under-representation of black students at the UK’s top universities.
  • It comes down to a number of factors, including a lack of support in applying, the fear of not fitting in, huge competition for places on certain courses, and racism.

Grime artist Stormzy has just announced he will fund two black students this year and two in 2019 to go to Cambridge University, which is currently ranked the 2nd best university in the UK, and the 6th in the world.

The Stormzy Scholarship will pay for tuition fees and money the same value as a maintenance grant for up to four years on an undergraduate course at the university.

“It’s so important for black students, especially, to be aware that it can 100% be an option to attend a university of this calibre,” the rapper said.

Stormzy will fund one student per year himself, and the rest of the funds will come from YouTube Music.

Both Cambridge and Oxford — the top two universities in the UK — haven’t got the best reputation for giving places to students of colour.

A Business Insider investigation found that the number of black students applying for, receiving offers from, and attending Oxford and Cambridge universities is chronically low. Only 40 black students were accepted out of 2,210 placed UK applicants to Cambridge in 2016. And only 35 black students were accepted out of 2,210 placed UK applicants to Oxford.

Full story at Insider

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The Flavor Side A – DJ Overload

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The Flavor Side B – DJ Overload

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The Funky Precedence – G Notorious

A little UK Funky mix I recorded back in 2009

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Boombastic! – G Notorious

I recently realized that due to a number of factors I no longer have any DJ mixes available online. Starting with the most recent (which unbelievably was actually recorded in 2010!) I’m hoping to post them all.

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Green Room & Subterra Present: Drum & Bass vs. Bassline

🎚 ♫ DRUM & BASS vs. BASSLINE ♫ 🎚

1st Plate Free with Entry ($5 per plate after)

12PM-8PM // 21+ // $10 PRESALE // $15 DOOR

Cyberpunk (MA)
DJ Dig-Doug (MA)
Good Tymez (ME)
DJ Bookum (MA)
Salacious Krum- (1/2 of Bounty Killaz) (NY)
Twist of Fate (NH)
Zach SantaBarbara (CT)
🎤 (MC) Elijah Divine (MA) 🎤

Mista Manc (RI)
G Notorious (MA)
Shva (MA)
BeatJunkie (MA)
/illikiwi (MA)
Illdo Raggins (NH)
Dj Leucistic (RI)

Elzwerth (CT)
Furious D&B (MA)
Dj MnM (MA)
Treeman (MA)
Massappeal (MA)
Eno aka ?confusion? (MA)
Absoloot (NH)
🎤 (MC) Josiah Scribes (MA) 🎤

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Ninja Papes – May 15th 2018 2 Step Tuesdays – Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Recorded at 2 Step Tuesdays at Tiki Lounge in Pittsburgh PA USA on May 15th 2018
Featuring tracks by: Soulecta, Nyta, Moony & Movement, Bromley and Star One, Maleek Berry, Seyi Shay.

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Motion #1 – Loft After Hours Club – Jason Mouse & DJ Overload – 1994

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Opinion: UK Garage is the best genre ever

This isn’t even a debate

Patrick Hinton –

There’s an inclination among the human race to muse on difficult questions. What’s the meaning of life? Would you rather? Should I go out for the third night in a row despite being four figures overdrawn and bordering on coma-levels of tiredness? All are the subject of deep thought.

In the underground dance scene this urge translates into a toss-up between the two leading genres. Pick one: house or techno? They’re the most popular styles, and there’s a weighty crossover in the fan bases. It’s a query that can be posed absentmindedly and then spiral out into a brain wracking analysis that has discussers looking like Charlie Kelly.

House is uplifting, soulful, but techno is gritty, powerful, and each can be left feeling lacklustre or overbearing in comparison, depending on your varying mood. Committing absolutely to one and sacrificing the other for eternity is tough. If this is a question that has ever plagued your consciousness then have no fear because I’ve solved it. Don’t worry, it’s not tech-house, which is neither here nor there. The answer to deciding your favourite in the near-existential question of “house or techno?” is: UK garage, which is actually the best genre ever.

Full article on Mixmag

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Tim & Barry’s “I’M TRYNA TELL YA” feature length documentary

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